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Next Yes Consulting Services

You believe you can do better.

Better acquisition results, better engagement, and better retention. Next Yes Consulting experts will help you discover and define what “better” looks like for you and your audience, and how to get there.

We effectively work with continuity marketing organizations to improve outcomes and evolve better relationships with your constituents.

What We Deliver: proven expertise in continuity marketing. As much or as little as your circumstances require, with as much detail or direction as you need to get on the path to “better.”

What We Do
Continuity Expertise Consulting
Acquisition, engagement and retention. It’s what makes you a continuity organization. Are you as efficient and effective as you could be? We can guide, inspire and train your team, and help your organization thrive.
What We Do
The Strategic Diagnostic Process
You want better outcomes, but you may not know where to begin. A Strategic Diagnostic is an affordable, insightful deep dive into your current practices to identify what can be improved, what’s missing, and in what order to tackle the opportunities.
What We Do
If you have an audience of continuity marketers who are eager for take-it-home advice, book us for your next gathering.