Few continuity marketers have unlimited resources (in time, staff or money). You have to prioritize where to put your resources for greatest impact for your organization, and balance the trio of acquisition, engagement and retention.

This white paper will make the case for prioritizing the most critical stage of a relationship with your new constituents and how to maximize the opportunity.

Download now to read what our experience says are the key elements and how to apply them to your continuity marketing efforts.

White Paper

As much as you’d like to think everything in your marketing strategy is equally important, your budget says you need to think (and spend) strategically. Prioritizing how to apply your resources is a balance of immediate need (acquisition) and long term ROI (retention).

Acquisition is critically important and deserves a thoughtful strategy and smart cost-per-acquired-customer discipline. But what happens after? It’s generally many times less expensive to KEEP a continuity community member than to have to go out and “buy” new members over and over again, so that suggests retention is just as important as smart acquisition.


Do you think of your community members as one big group? When a prospect says “I’m in!”, do they get thrown into the same pool to dog paddle around with those people who joined a year or more ago?

You might be surprised how many organizations treat their b