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Gayle has spent her professional career helping clients identify and then achieve their greatest potentials. She understands it’s not simply about dictating a templated approach. It’s about curiosity and how to achieve the next “yes.” It’s knowing how to set up the test to find a more effective way to gather, engage and retain members of a community. This confidence comes from decades of experience and a front-row seat to consumer behavior.

Gayle is passionate about the power of communities and continuity. When someone has committed to a pursuit or a profession, their needs for peer interaction and validation increase, and this is the world Gayle revels in. She has developed unique expertise in continuity tactics and the results have been gratifying for our clients. More members/customers. More engaged participants. Those who join stay longer.

Gayle orchestrates collaboration. She knows how to extract the most effective results from the teams that create success. Writers and designers. The people who read the data or craft the surveys. The customer-facing teams. The content developers who reflect the voice of the organization. Understanding the importance of how every resource contributes to retention—to the next “yes”—is at the heart of every aspect of working with Gayle.

And that’s what Next Yes Consulting is all about. Putting Gayle and Barry’s expertise to work for large and small organizations whose success is based on acquisition, engagement and retention.

Curious about how Gayle’s expertise could help your organization improve its quest for the Next Yes?

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