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“Ask Barry.”
Barry is the Next Yes Consulting “answer man.” Why? Because his answers are always thoughtful? Yes. Because they are supported by facts and precedents? Certainly. But probably because his answers, like Occam’s Razor, are the right ones for you and your audience.

It could be that his answers are solid because of his engineering background and his knowledge of marketing technology realities. Perhaps it’s his naval officer training. Barry’s answers are always influenced by his time spent as a director of marketing for a large consumer organization and by his keen understanding of the continuity aspects of the business: lifetime value, sphere of influence value, brand value. 

Ultimately, Barry’s answers are a balance of what will benefit the organization (resource stewardship) and what will satisfy the individual on a personal level, because that’s where continuity lives: if you deliver on the promise at acquisition and engage in a satisfying way, they will renew.

Do you have a question that could benefit from this kind of thoughtful, knowledgeable perspective? Please reach out to Barry. If he can’t answer you, it may not be the question you really need to be asking.

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