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Strategic Diagnostic

We promise: In six to eight weeks, you’ll know more about how to achieve that critical “next yes” that makes a continuity organization successful.

The next “yes, I’ll join,” the next “yes, I’ll participate,” and the next “yes, I’ll renew…again and again.”

The wisest use of your resources is to engage the continuity experts at Next Yes Consulting to lead you through a Strategic Diagnostic that will identify and prioritize your opportunities for improvement.

What is a Strategic Diagnostic?

It’s an affordable, thoughtful deep dive into your current practices to identify what can be improved, what’s missing, and in what order to tackle the opportunities. How affordable? Download our explanation sheet to see for yourself.

We will explore your acquisition, engagement and retention practices. With participation from your internal resources, we will immerse ourselves in your continuity marketing ecosystem and emerge with a prescription for improvement. 

Why not just do it yourself?

Because we’ll bring perspectives you don’t have on your own, at an investment that will still leave you plenty of budget to implement the recommendations. We’ll look at your continuity business through a fresh lens. We’ll meld our experiences with your own culture and brand, resulting in new energy and direction.

What’s involved?

A commitment to explore change. For a Diagnostic to be effective, you have to be open to suggestions and new ways of saying and doing things. You have to be prepared for an honest critique and revelations of under-performing activities. You have to commit your key champions to participate in the exploration, because if the people with the most to gain from improvements aren’t at the table, we can’t promise you’ll be any better off at the end than you were at the beginning.

We’ll lead the process, but we don’t work in a vacuum. We’ll ask for information, access and perspectives. We’ll follow this outline, with appropriate modifications pertinent to your circumstances.

What should we expect at the end of the Diagnostic?

We’ll deliver an actionable “Prescription for Improvement” tailored to your organization, goals and mission. You’ll be equipped to think differently about continuity marketing within your organization, and ready to tackle your “Next Yes” goals. 

Contact Barry or Gayle to discuss how a Strategic Diagnostic could benefit your organization.