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Expert Speakers

The Biggest Reason to Book Next Yes Consulting: Inspiration!

Your audience will learn how to think differently and more expansively about where the “Next Yes” happens in effective continuity marketing.

The Next Yes Consulting philosophy will send them home with tools to achieve greater acquisition, engagement and retention success.

Professional Events:

Do you have an audience looking for inspiration, insights and take-it-home/put-it-to-work-today recommendations? Book the experts at Next Yes Consulting for your next event.

  • Seminar Speaker
  • Workshop Leader
  • Panel Participant

Direct Response Training:

Do you have a team that wants to increase their direct response knowledge and professionalism? Schedule a series of workshops led by the experts at Next Yes Consulting.

Topics may include:

  • How to create winning campaign messaging
  • How to set up the campaign for statistical confidence
  • Meaningful testing

Who Are We?

Schedule a quick conversation with one of us to discuss how we can make your event even more impactful: