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Continuity Expertise Consulting

Why hire an expert?

Because you want to win. You want to maximize your resources. You want your numbers to improve, your leadership to be pleased, your team to be fulfilled, and your constituents to be satisfied with what your organization delivers.

An expert is a shortcut to all of that, and more. As long as it’s the right expert.

Our expertise → Your success.

Next Yes Consulting has highly qualified and experienced experts to help you improve your continuity marketing effectiveness including, but not limited to:

Marketing Intelligence

Do you know what the numbers are telling you to do? We can help you build or refine your “dashboard” to reveal the meaningful intelligence that points you in the right direction. 

Marketing Persuasion

There are lots of ways to say the same thing. But some messages perform better than others, giving you greater outcomes for acquisition, engagement and retention. We’ll help you get the most out of your creative resources. We’re experts at creative direction, editing for improved results, and winning! 

Active Listening

What do your constituents really think of your organization? Are they satisfied? Do you meet their needs? Are you the best choice in a crowded world? We know how to craft questions that give you direction and insights.

Retention on Day One

A renewal “next yes” isn’t going to happen without an organizational understanding that renewal is a journey that begins on day one, and everyone has a role to play. We’ll help you build a “You” culture that distributes the responsibility and obligation of creating audience satisfaction that leads to retention.

It’s your choice.

The right expert is an augmentation, not a replacement. At Next Yes Consulting, we take pride in being called a “partner” by our clients, not a vendor or a service. We will treat your business with the same care and respect as we treat our own.