Our Stories

Sharing Stories Lead to Answers

There’s always a story. How we got here, what we did, what was the outcome. Stories are how we learn, how we share, and how we relate to one another as humans.

Sometimes "Stop" is a better answer than "Go"
Sometimes the outcome of a Strategic Diagnostic is STOP. Stop rushing to hire (you might hire the wrong person). Stop blaming past staff (they are gone and the damage is done). Just stop, and start up again with a fresh perspective. Not all Strategic Diagnostic engagements follow a straight line.
The Journey was the Story
This is not your typical “success story” or “case study.” This is the story about a client's journey to explore, understand and improve what they were currently doing to acquire, engage, and retain their audience. And while it DID deliver successful outcomes, and IS an example of the process the experts at Next Yes Consulting follow to achieve success, you'll see the journey itself is the real story.
Gayle and her team were thorough in reviewing resources, data, and materials that spoke to member experience, even those that were not immediately considered. The team returned with more questions and requests as they dug in, wanting to understand all aspects of membership before formalizing recommendations. We have learned a lot through this process and, alongside the recommendations they proposed, it has led to refining our thinking about membership.”
Emily K —
Professional Association—Executive Director