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Why Hire An Expert?

Because Problems Don't Solve Themselves.

If you are committed to improving your situation—whether that’s acquisition, engagement, retention or all of the above –  you need a solution to get you the growth and success you want

Invest in your vision. Tap into Next Yes Consulting’s continuity marketing expertise.

Where do you begin? 

You might think that getting more participants in your community is the problem.

“If we just had more (members/subscribers/donors/friends) our problems would be solved.”

Or maybe someone has pointed out that your retention rate is declining.

“Create a new renewal series – that will solve our problem.” 

It could be you are wondering why more people don’t attend your events, or read your content, or buy your services.

“We just need to add more benefits or something new and trendy for our audience to participate in.” 

Good news: You don’t have to know how to solve the problem. You just need to know how to put together the team that will help you IDENTIFY the problem(s) first, and THEN create a roadmap that uses your resources wisely to achieve the improvements and outcomes you seek.

For example, you might be focusing your energy on acquisition when that might not be your biggest pain point. Or your renewal efforts just need an update, not a full makeover. If your organization’s retention is bad, don’t waste your resources bringing in new constituents until you’ve plugged the hole that’s leaking. And don’t throw more benefits into the mix until you know why people aren’t engaging with the benefits you currently offer.

Your best approach: Create a “dream team” composed of experts in continuity marketing who will work WITH your internal champions to achieve the goals and vision developed by your leadership.

An engagement with Next Yes Consulting augments your existing resources and can be as brief as a Strategic Diagnostic. However, we also offer more expansive consultative engagements, and can connect you with best-in-class resources to help your team implement the recommendations that come out of the Diagnostic. Our decades of experience will shortcut the learning process and better position your organization for success. 

With Next Yes Consulting on your team, everyone wins—especially the audience you want to attract, engage and retain.

Let’s get started building your “Next Yes” goals. Contact Barry Elk or Gayle Teskey today.

What We Do
Continuity Expertise Consulting
Acquisition, engagement and retention. It’s what makes you a continuity organization. Are you as efficient and effective as you could be? We can guide, inspire and train your team, and help your organization thrive.
What We Do
The Strategic Diagnostic Process
You want better outcomes, but you may not know where to begin. A Strategic Diagnostic is an affordable, insightful deep dive into your current practices to identify what can be improved, what’s missing, and in what order to tackle the opportunities.
What We Do
If you have an audience of continuity marketers who are eager for take-it-home advice, book us for your next gathering.