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Sometimes “Stop” is a better answer than “Go”

It's natural to want a quick fix.
But what if the fix is the wrong one? A Strategic Diagnostic can give you permission to pause, assess, and move ahead with the confidence that the changes you commit to will get you where you want to be.

This organization had every right to blame past staff. The member experience had been eroding for years. Membership management had become the “hot potato” that no one wanted to be stuck with at the end of the song.

There were lots of reasons for it. Many of those reasons were beyond the control of the organization. A pandemic happened and a reduction in force eliminated what was left of anything resembling a dedicated membership team. Tasks got handed out like straws, with everyone hoping they didn’t get the short one.

But there was a new change agent at the helm who believed in the organization’s mission and its future. A force of nature, you might say. And she wasn’t going to take “not my job” for an answer.

This kind of Strategic Diagnostic is a bit of a treasure hunt. The client might not have the information we like to see in order to recommend a new approach. The world might be changing in terms of prospect identification and the entire concept of what the individual “needs” and what the organization can provide. The “map” to success requires looking back through precedents and forward to new ways of turning the prism.

Because we are part sleuth, part mentor and part optimistic visionary, these are the kinds of Strategic Diagnostics that can be the most productive. Not a straight line. Not an easy switch from one way of doing something to another. Sometimes tactics don’t even change right away.

What changes is the way of looking at the audience. Not as a nuisance that has to be dispatched as quickly as possible, but as the entire reason the organization exists.

This organization’s story is still being written, but “stop” was the right thing to do at the beginning.

To hear more about how a Strategic Diagnostic might help you write your story, contact Barry or Gayle.