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The Journey was the Story

The Journey of Improvement Begins. The Most Effective Ones Never End.
A Strategic Diagnostic lights the way, but even when the Prescription is written, the journey is just beginning.

It all started after one of the Next Yes Consulting principals spoke at a conference. The executive director of a professional association approached her after the session and said, “I think you could help us.”

And so began a journey of exploration. This turned out to be a perfect example of an organization positioned for success: leadership wanted not only the tactics to change so that results improved, she wanted her team to grow its knowledge of how to look at their product with fresh eyes. The team was open to change, without defensiveness or resistance. We never encountered a “guardian at the gate of change” who threw up the “can’t, because …” argument.

We followed the Strategic Diagnostic process, but every engagement is a little bit different. In this case we interviewed a wide range of stakeholders inside and outside the organization. We were “secret shoppers” to compare what they thought was happening to what a prospect really experienced. We read everything they were currently sending without the baggage of knowing what it was supposed to say, and reported back what we were “hearing” in their communications (it often wasn’t what they intended). We dug into the data analysis they could provide with current technology systems.

We had productive workshops with the team, but at the end of the day it was up to us to return with actionable, prioritized recommendations.

When we write the Prescription for Improvement, we don’t expect everything to happen immediately. We realize improvement is a process of doing a lot of seemingly little things right that lead to big change. And we also know that sometimes organizations say, “That’s too much for us to tackle now.”

This client jumped in immediately. Even before the Prescription was done, work had begun on some very big consumer-facing initiatives. They did it with the confidence that the path they were going down was “best practice” and the changes they were making could only result in outcomes going one way: up.

Their story isn’t over. In fact, the journey an organization begins with a Strategic Diagnostic is never over. Once you embrace the process, it happens naturally each time a report is created, a baseline established, a campaign concluded. When an organization embraces a “You” culture and embeds an understanding that retention is EVERYONE’S responsibility, continuity marketing can succeed.

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