About Us

Next Yes Consulting Belongs on Your Dream Team

The experts at Next Yes Consulting understand continuity.

Our experts know how to bring out the best in you and your team, how to help you effectively persuade, engage, and retain your audience, and ultimately how to lead your organization to success.

Next Yes Consulting experts have a unique perspective on how to build, engage, and sustain communities. 

We’ve spent our careers persuading prospects to:

  • Do more of what we want them to do (direct response discipline),
  • Be satisfied with the decision to affiliate (engagement dynamics), and
  • Stay for the next term (retention tactics).

Through trial and error, we’ve learned what has a greater chance of success than something else, and we’re eager to translate that experience into success for you.

When you work with the experts at Next Yes Consulting, you’ll discover new ways to think about the experience you are promising (and delivering) to your audience, and take that experience apart to find the strengths and weaknesses that have evolved over your organization’s existence.

Some practices have to go in order for you to reach the next level. Some have to change to be better understood and utilized by your constituents. But whatever the outcome, the process is enlightening and rewarding for everyone involved—especially the people who give you that first important “yes.”

Start by reading more about us (below). We look forward to a conversation with you: